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World Domination

City Chic


Passion for international growth.

An innovative and passionate Brand that had commissioned a new store design that looked fantastic, but had some inherent operational issues and was built at 8 times the available roll out cap-ex. Our task was to develop the concept for both use and roll out domestically and internationally, whilst not losing any of the impact of the brand.

No time to waste

We worked hand in glove with our Client, primarily setting up all the necessary communication structures that would enable us to make fast and informed decisions Sites were reviewed and 30 leases committed in 3 international territories, New Zealand, South Africa and USA. We prepared logistics and build schedules for all three whilst simultaneously reviewing the design for an 800% cost reduction.


global expansion on a local scale

Paris (Texas) was key to our plan, as was Pietermaritzburg in RSA, Shanghai in China and Geelong! Import law, time and principle, and feet versus meters proved that our roll out needed to be hyper local and responsive, and so we created hubs of supply in all countries to supplement our primary Chinese manufacture and ship.

Huge results. in a niche market

One year, 42 stores delivered to budget and schedule, new global partnerships for us both, and a significant market presence that delivered wholesale contracts and a 300% increase in loyalty programme recruitment.