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Hell, we ain't proud!

The Glassons’ design is fantastic. It is well resolved and acutely customer targeted. Both hallmarks of our friends at Landini and associates.

We were engaged by the Glassons team to ensure that this design is reproduced authentically at each store build, and we’ve been doing it methodically and with no little joy for three years.

But we got the girl.

After year 2 we saw modest efficiencies were available through coordination. We connected the loops (who doesn’t love a mix tape), bought a few cups of coffee and made some introductions – and waddya know – a beautiful relationship blossomed.

Leasing, Off Shore componentry, Design and Shop Fitting Teams are now more than just friends (and who knows, may be looking for a puppy together?)


And we simplified her upkeep

And then it became about keeping it nice. Enter a comprehensive preventative maintenance programme for the entire network that respects the thoughtful quality of the design and build, keeping eyebrows plucked, lights on and signage fresh.