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Disrupt with coffee

Gloria Jeans Australia


Disrupt a saturated market

A tired brand battling for franchisees who in turn were trying to sell a cup of coffee in a market drowning in the stuff. Our strategy for store refreshment was to identify the real customer at every point, and offer an engagement model that offered (and demanded) 360° transparency and accountability.

Coffee customers needed... Coffee!

But the skill was in identifying how they needed it, fast and efficient, slow and leisurely, with/without food and with/without attitude. Then designing environments and teams that were flexible enough to respond intuitively to those needs.

App ordering, Friday DJs, Menu Crowd Sourcing, 911 coffee calls, bad day / gold lid freebie and the kiss saving post coffee mint. All fresh and flexible initiatives for winning the moments of truth.


The Franchisees needed their say

Some were new and naïve, others jaded and stale – but unifyingly they all had a point of view, and a (significant) stake.

Our road map here was a store design process that engaged the store Franchisee from beginning to end, focused on real data, removed all the double speak and industry jargon, and offered a flexible series of finish options that allowed up to 27 different concepts – thus providing individuality within the security of a Franchise mode

Refresh with brand integrity

The Franchisor needed discipline, consistency and quality to retain brand integrity. Our research identified that the greatest Franchiser frustration was a double edged sword – Franchisees going off-piste on menu, brand and décor . These ‘initiatives’ were doubtless the result of an engaged Franchisee but often they were brand damaging. We created a self sustaining supply chain that refreshed ‘fashion-ability’ bi annually. Three market leading stylists were engaged to forecast trends and source ‘refresh’everything from cutlery and flatware to light fittings and staff uniforms.