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Identifying the problem to solve

Rays Outdoors


Come see what we've got

was the strapline for the old Rays's outdoors business. A cornucopia of disposal, camping and workwear upended into a big box.

We were asked to design the "store of the future" which, without root and branch reform, was just going to be a version of the same. Instead, we offered a "philosophy for the future"; a focus on the adventures that were enabled by the merchandise and a decision making filter of "campsite logic"

Campsite Logic

Store layout, merchandise classification and customer experiences of 'win' categories could all be determined with campsite logic.

Shelter, sleep, & fire; the campsite

Backpacks, apparel, food; the cool gear

Fishing, biking, hiking; the adventures


And the community

And then the conversation that initiates the relationship and so the community. Education; the transmission of knowledge, know how and just clever shit.

Quality, pitch perfect education – be that static, digital, take-away, or human.

Come together for a cuppa

Every tribe needs a meeting place and so we anchored the whole thing in community – shared experience, crowd support, add on services, and a cuppa and a chat.