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Celebrity Endorsement: is it a turn on?


- Becky's thoughts

We know that brands support celebrities and equally, celebrities support brands. But until now I have been of the thought that it was always a positive outcome. The brand get the street cred and the celeb gets free stuff; win win right?

It seems that higher spending and more affluent customers aren’t so attracted to a famous face! Unlike us common folk who are drawn to those sparkling eyes and perfect features. An online store (who we wont name) found that a large number of high spending customers would stop shopping with them if they entered into a celebrity endorsement deal. Celebrity association was a complete turn off.

Now some might say “well who cares, appeal to the masses and give us those Botox lips”! But in a time when every dollar counts, Retailers have to do more than pay a famous face to dance to make the big bucks.