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Constraint creates innovation


Six years ago, we had our first introduction to Vodafone. “We want stores delivered at half the price and twice as fast”. The ‘meeting’ was over in less than 5 minutes.

It was the type of brief we enjoy the most. Brief, measurable, somewhat challenging and delivered by ambitious people with a healthy appetite to provide customer service excellence whilst still getting the job done.

It was a match made in heaven... ok, North Sydney.

With the signature Black Line Retail discipline and rigour, we created a bespoke delivery model that was fit for purpose, robust, transparent and accountable. With the foundations in place, we’ve since designed and delivered hundreds of projects from pop up kiosks through to national flagships, incorporating a procurement program and facilities support. Systems, processes and teamwork have delivered impressive results for Vodafone that still sets them apart from the others today.

We understand building brand equity comes with maintaining a consistent design formula, a respect for the brand assets and a continued focus on the customer. It is that simple.

Working collaboratively as one team focused on commercial and customer-focused solutions, we have achieved quality outcomes that we continue to be proud of today.

We look forward to the next chapter. Go well!